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To anyone who cares to tune in for these thoughts. I notice a theme of "not enough" and "too much". I have heard those words or variations on those words since I was a child. At first I wondered what they meant and when I finally figured it out I realized that I did not want to limit myself to the limitations of those criticizing me. I am more than the color of my fingernails or a political party. I have noticed that the people with these statements want me to conform to their desires. I don't want to go there. I will work with a group, but I will never blindly follow. Thinking for myself became a necessity when i was taken aside as a child and told that I would have to fend for myself at school; that my parents would not intervene for me. I know more of the back story to that conversation now, but at the time I felt abandoned and unsupported. That could have gone two ways. I decided to take care of myself. It made me become more independent, think for myself, and consider consequences. Those traits have served me well during the years between then and now. Now when I hear "not enough" or "too much" I don't care much. I am who I am based on education, experience, independence and determination. I realize not everyone has experienced what I have, that does not make me less desirable. Perhaps they should get a little of the fule that drives me. At a job interview I was asked how I would like people to remember me. My response was, "driven."

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@2011panc. Well said. When my children were in elementary school, they told me their parents transferred them to another teacher because they (the children) do not like their teachers. I could not believe my ears. I told them when they are old enough to work, are they going to change jobs every time they can't get along with their Co workers or superiors? My daughter left home for college at 16 and has been on her own ever since. My son had to fend for himself on numerous occasions as I was working three jobs. I cringe reading about these helicopter parents constantly hovering over their kids. They will never be free thinkers. I told my kids to be the best that they can be, be kind and thoughtful. If people have a problem with them, it's their problem!