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Thank you for your words of encouragement. No, I have no family, came to the US from France. I have done my best to have friends, I have cooked great meals but it is not reciprocated because "I could not do this, I could not set the table the way you do…" Just cook a hamburger and that would do for I am not looking for a contest; I am looking for friends… I am simply tired, so very tired!

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@nannette1941 I understand the friend situation. Many of the friends I once had have moved away to warmer climates or to other towns and smaller homes. Maybe you should try having some of the friends over whom you cooked for before and just make a simple, humble meal so they won't feel as challenged. It's not about the food, it's about being together. We used to have a big Christmas party for all of the relatives on my husband's side and one year I was not up to doing all of that cooking. My son convinced me it wasn't about the food, it was about getting together and we ordered pizza out and people brought a few desserts, plus we ate on paper plates!

@lioness has some really excellent suggestions. I know it's difficult to get started, I'm bad at that myself, making myself do something new. I have been thinking of joining a book club for months but have not taken that step. Have you considered a book club? I find getting out for a walk can be really uplifting too, particularly in these times.

There's always someone here on Connect to connect to also.

@nannette1941, You sound like a fun person to learn from! While I've spent far more time in the kitchen this past year creating new recipes, I've not had anyone but two diff. repair people inside in over a year now.

As for new recipes to try, you would be a great mentor as I find myself growing less interested in attempting anything now but an occasional new easier dish.

Your post also brought a wonderful memory of my mom who always pulled out the stops for dressing our Sunday dinners with china, crystal and a centerpiece. As a working educator during the week, her Sunday meals brought a touch of elegance and were most looked forward to because she also added homemade rolls and great desserts. Alas, I didn't follow her weekly tradition but do occasionally still "dress the table and make a special meal" just for myself. The extra effort never fails to lift my spirits. Do you do that as well?

As an aging single with a changing friend base, the pandemic has brought some added challenges and brought more to the surface an increased sense of my aloneness for the first time. Years ago when bemoaning to a close friend after a move to a new locale that I had yet to make new friends, she wisely counseled: "Then spend more time befriending yourself". An alien concept then but one I've relied on many times since and never more so than during this past year of so many radical changes for us all. Are there hobbies that you enjoy or new ones to try or other small things you do for yourself, like one of my favorites of just giving myself permission occasionally to nothing at all that bring a smile?

I don't know your age, health issues, or circumstances but as @artist01 posted, I hope you'll continue to share here because of the support you'll find.