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I am getting tired of living… am I the only one?

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Replies to "I am getting tired of living... am I the only one?"

@nannette1941 I'm really sorry to hear that, Nannette. I hope it's just an isolated day feeling that way. I think we all have had our days of depression during this pandemic, particularly us seniors because we have to be so careful. Try to remember, things are getting better each day and if enough people do get vaccinated we will reach "herd immunity" sometime during the summer probably and then most people will be free to expand their activities.

Do you have family and/or friends whom you are missing? I sure do. My son wants to visit but it requires a flight so I have told him he needs to hold off for a while longer since he could be carrying and shed the virus. Being on immunosuppressants I am still vulnerable despite having been vaccinated. I never thought I would miss grocery shopping, but I do! We are all in this together so just hang tight and we get through this together too. 🤗

@nannette1941 Aw gosh, Nanette. Living is great, it's just the circumstances right now that are tough on all of us. Hang in there. Keep in touch on Mayo Clinic Connect! Warmest wishes, Laurie