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Vitamins for Cardiac patient

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Hello all, today is Friday morning 3/27/20 and I am on my way to a local urgent care as I have a urinary tract infection and possible the right kidney is affected as it is painful. Must be so very careful to prevent getting this Corona virus. I must take my chances because the last time I had a Urine Track infection it became septicemia so I must go. Need to be on antibiotics and whatever else. Will kiss my pets and be on my way.

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@peach414144 I wish you all the good in the world. My prayers are coming your way peach. Be safe out there I have to go out later also but will take precautions.

I am home now. The wonderful place I went to saw me, appraised my health issues gave me a shot in my tuckas and not only that: LISTEN TO THIS: They sent a person to the nearest Publix and picked up my medicine that they prescribed for me and gave it to me to bring home. I then called the para-transit to bring me home, Wonder of wonders. THIS IS AMERICA WORKING TOGETHER WITH CARING AND LOVING. We must salute all the front line workers. Thank you god.