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I'm not sure why you are unable to work. Many of us with hearing loss more severe or profound that yours have held jobs. I was a teacher. I decided to get a master's degree when I was in my mid 50s and worked in a human service agency as a case manager after graduating. My clients did not have hearing loss. I did. I used all the assistive technology available to me on my jobs. When I was 64 I got a cochlear implant, and continued to work for 4 more years. Technology is great, and the American's with Disabilities Act requires most employers to provide it. BUT, the person who needs it has to know what they need to succeed. Unless you have other disabilities, you may have a difficult time qualifying for disability benefits. You should meet with your area vocational rehabilitation office to be sure.

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I agree with Julie – I worked with my hearing loss right up until I retired. I had applied for SS Disability when the last job fired me for multiple reasons. By that time, I was eligible for regular Social Security. Every job I worked for – I was given the minimum accommodations through vocational rehab. It was difficult but I worked as a nurse in the insurance industry. I also helped to advocate, educate and provide information during those years as the technology slowly improved for myself as well as for others. This is the time to continue to do that since you all have much more than Julie or I had 10, 20 years ago. I wish I had what I have now when I was working then – it would have made things so much easier then and my brain wouldn't have been so over worked as it was then… You have many tools available now, a voice that can speak up, and many Hearing Loss organizations advocating for you. Join them and be a part of this exciting journey because this is real and it's including you and me right now.

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