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Making facemasks

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What a great service! Where did you get a pattern to figure out size snd shape? Another mask? What make is the seeing machine? ( as u can see, I am not a sewer) I live in Washington and I know the hospitals could use as many as possible. Could two people, one to cut and one to sew, workable? Have a friend that can sew anything. Online instructions on masks? Anyone out there who is practicing social distancing or sheltering in place, can do this. Thank you for sharing.

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I saw a post earlier with a link but this one may be just as easy (says someone who can't sew!).

DIY Cloth Face Mask : 8 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Virgo, these are mask making instructions by Covenant Hospital: https://www.kcbd.com/2020/03/24/want-make-medical-mask-here-are-steps/

@virgo1952 Please check the requirements by your local hospitals. Now as the sewing of these masks is increasing, elastic is in short supply and people are substituting rubber bands. Many hospitals are latex-free zones, so these rubber bands may not be able to be taken into their facilities. I would hate to see effort wasted. The local hospital here is not accepting masks, but nearby, they have asked for fabric ties to be applied if elastic is not available.
Latex allergies are serious, can be life-threatening, and we would not want to add that emergency to the already over-taxed medical system & staff!
Thank you everyone for trying to help in any way possible.

I watched the video link from the Allina health system website. Blue Cross of Minnesota and Allina health have some sort of partnership going. But I was at Joannes fabric store and they had free fabric and directions there. The hardest thing to find is elastic because there's been a run on elastic. I bought 2“ wide elastic and cut ribbons that are 1/4 inch wide.

I just actually read my comment above. I hope everyone found it amusing, I did🤪. Not looking for a SEEing machine. And, no, I am not a SEWER. Oh boy@&$!?@@