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Good afternoon everyone. I am joining you in this telemedicine discussion. After reading the links and following the guidelines, I had my annual PCP visit this week with a video call. I have another scheduled with a different provider on May 14 and am waiting for confirmation of one more. At first, I was hesitant that the opportunities for progress might be limited and that I might forget something even with prepared notes.

Two days before, I filled out the forms and they were the same as last year's in-person questions. The COVID-19 questions have been added. An assistant called for the walkthrough about connecting and technological issues.'

On the day, the NP did the same thing she would have done if I was there. The only thing I forgot was a blood pressure machine. I left mine in CA and haven't purchased another one. When the doctor came in she asked a lot of questions about the last time the BP was taken, higher or lower than before, etc. I promised that it would be on my next Amazon order.

The rest of our time together was more like a friendly discussion. We were both at ease and we both knew what decisions had to be made. It was at this time that the two of us were "connected" even more authentically than we would have been in the exam room. My "caregiver" joined us to record the important routines or tasks that might be necessary.

For me, this was a pretty darn good example of shared decision making between the patient, provider, and caregiver/family member. Our shared decision was to give my body time to adjust to the tapering changes, and effect no change in medication for six months. We spelled out options for those changes just to be prepared.

The only thing I missed was the hug I usually get. She asked me to review her notes on the portal before they were filed. Her words at the bottom were quite a compliment, "She does aging well".

May you find yourself content and at ease today.

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@artscaping Glad to hear your video call went well. It's on my bucket list for as soon as I can get one setup. I'm still working on my list of questions/concerns I want to discuss with my primary care doc. If you haven't chosen a BP monitor yet I am really happy with the one I have – an Omron Evolv bluetooth wireless upper arm cuff BP monitor. It's easy to use and has a fairly easy to understand app that can sync your phone to the monitor and keep track of the history. https://omronhealthcare.com/products/evolv-wireless-upper-arm-blood-pressure-monitor-bp7000/