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I will be having my first video appointment on May 19 with my doctor from the University of Michigan. I'm supposed to get a lot of support and somehow it will come through the My Chart patient portal. I must admit that I'm glad to not have to make the 50-minute drive to the U of Michigan. I just hope I can handle the technical stuff well enough to have the appointment.

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John & Teresa:
We must live close to each other Teresa, but my area-- in between Ann Arbor & Jackson is a "dead" zone. We are eventually in the far future supposed to have broadband access, but it has stalled and the company in charge was fired & the new company is slow as molasses. Maybe next year!
The infrastructure is of course a big problem, we have no grants, just an expensive tax to do the start up. But so many foul-ups and bad weather & now the "Death Virus", has caused numerous delays. I really don't expect it for a long time, if at all.
I spent much time at the U of M, & the best part was the long drive. (Won't go into my problems with their Cancer Clinic.) Good luck with the magic tele-visit!

@hopeful33250 You will , you did mine . lol Im as technical as you are . I do love the patient portals. I have to telemeds coming up in May . Hope you are all doing well , I am staying home ,washing hands , wearing mask and gloves here as I touch so many things here in my sr. building .

@hopeful33250 Let's see how we can avoid you getting stressed out over the technology. Actually, if you handle this Connect site and all of the ins and outs and unders and overs then you can handle your appointment. If not, I hear that John recently retired. (teasing). Sometimes, you can go through the technical stuff a day or two ahead of time. My memory issues would step up and wipe it out if it were any longer. Good luck Teresa.
May you be content and at ease today.

You can do it Teresa! @hopeful33250 - it has to be similar to Zoom if it's not that's not what they use.