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I see nothing here about the fact that many people in the U.S. are not able to do this magical tele-doctor-thing!
We do not have high speed broadband computer access. Nope. many of us rural folks have very limited computer access. Kids
can't do homework, people can't "work from home", we are lucky to be able to simply read & write our emails, period.
We do have telephones, and can just talk to a dr. or nurse, but that's all.
So you people with all the fancy-schmancy devices and unlimited access are lucky, but remember not all of our country is hooked up!

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Thanks for bringing us back to the reality that folks in rural environments face, @mermaid7272. You make a good point that not everyone can easily access the internet. How are you doing during this COVID-19 situation?

@mermaid7272, a lot of the small local telephone companies in our state (Minnesota) have been working with the state to provide more rural access to high speed Internet. A lot of the problems are related to financing the infrastructure. The state has given matching grants to help the phone companies bring fiber Internet to some of our rural areas. The company I just retired from is providing free installation and Internet for people that have kids and no Internet so they can do homework, including those in the rural areas they service. I would think other states would have similar programs.