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Colleen has listed important points regarding preparing for and engaging in tele-visits. At a tele-visit, however, there is no one to alert you to anomalies in your BP, pulse, temperature, and weight… important information for any doctor visit. As much as we patients may want to resist it, it's time to start taking responsibility for tracking and conveying this information to our healthcare providers. Cancer patients are particularly vulnerable to all sorts of downstream issues.

Omron makes an excellent home blood pressure cuff. If you have ever had a blood pressure issue, you need to make an effort to see how you're doing. If it appears too high or too low, log it daily and convey the results during your tele-visit. CVS has a good digital thermometer worth obtaining, especially in light of the Covid-19 news. Keep it handy and just make sure, now and then, that your temperature is normal. If you have a respiratory issue (from radiation, or past pneumonia events, asthma, etc.), get a good pulse/oximeter which monitors the oxygen saturation of your blood. If it registers below 95, note that to your doctor. Get a good bathroom scale and weigh yourself weekly; be honest with your doctor if you have lost or put on pounds. In other words, become your own physician's assistant… help him/her help you.

And please note, any one particular abnormality which you convey, may or may not be of concern to your doctor, but it will help him/her ask you appropriate questions, and better understand what's going on inside you.

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Thanks for this information….my wife and I have both recently had tele-Med visits with our Primary Care Manager….basically he goes over questions about how we feel, how we are doing overall, physically and mentally, and BP lab results etc.

But it is not the same as looking at touching the patient….however, he is very good and thorough and we are grateful for him, since we are 75 miles away from Walter Reed/Bethesda….we also have curb side Meds pickup in the Ft.Belvoir garage which is so weird, but for now, it works…….you bring out some wonderful points and medical devices to have…we still use the old mercury thermometer, but do have the BP and electronic thermometer you mentioned…..Thanks for your post.