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@johnbishop – there is a lot of upside to Telemedicine and on line records. I had a appointment this last week over the phone with my Oncologist. No trip to the office, it was great. This of course will not work for any physical examination.

Even more important, previous to that, I was able to share a Pet Scan with my Oncologist that was taken at the Mayo Clinic by using the Patient Portal. That was priceless!!! There was no waiting for the physical data to be sent via courier or any other physical means.

Telemedicine speeds up the health care process and should be easier on our environment as an added benefit.

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@johnbishop – I really like the Mayo patient portal and use it often. Just logged off after cancelling a blood lab appointment prior to my yearly checkup. I had called my local Mayo Family Health Clinic and she said they have been working with people and recommending they cancel non emergency appointments so I did it through the portal. What I like about the portal is being able to message my health care team for any non critical health related questions and getting a timely response from them. It definitely speeds up the process!