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@johnbishop Hello John,

Good topic! Especially with the COVID-19 situation our world is facing now and the need for social distancing.

I see how valuable it is to have electronic records in that doctors from different hospital systems can access your health situation and know what meds you are taking, the type of health issues you are dealing with as well as test results.

I must admit, however, that I do have a problem with telemedicine. My problem is with the "cloud." Are these videos kept in the cloud? Are these used for other purposes other than the one-time appointment?

What do we know about this? Thanks in advance for helping answer these questions.

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Good morning Teresa! @hopeful33250, Cloud security for medical data has always been one of my top concerns too. I was a little concerned when I found out Google would be helping Mayo Clinic so I was happy to see the information from this article made public.

Mayo Clinic: Google will not have independent access to patient data

The following Q & A may provide some answers to any questions you might have — Mayo's approach to patient data management, security and digital health: Key thoughts from CIO Cris Ross

Good evening Teresa, @hopeful33250, Those are real issues, I don't think these videos
are stored. That is why the doctor had to write the follow-up script. Our yoga and meditation zoom meetings are also not recorded. I think you would have to give permission for storing the recorded video. Tell you what. I will ask at my video appointment with my dermatologist on May 14. Don't let me forget.
Be safe and protected,