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katec (@katec)

Small Fiber Neuropathy burning?

Neuropathy | Last Active: May 23, 2020 | Replies (41)

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Hi Kate @katec. I'm sorry to hear about the burning. Yes, burning encompasses a multitude of definitions with neuropathy. I've had secluded areas of burning, as in sun-burn feeling. I wore specific clothing to avoid contact. It hit my knees and around, thighs, tops of feet. I'd use ice or topicals to help settle. Also, burning pain as in tightness of the skin or ripping of the skin. I also associate burning and aching as a package deal which affects my legs severely. I hope this passes for him soon. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. Best wishes to you and your family.

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…let me add that sometimes deciphering comes down to internal vs. external, sensation vs. touch. My feet would literally throw off heat where as my knees and thighs were never hot to the touch. It's a freakin' crazzzyyy disease to figure out! 😣

@rwinnwy I have discovered something in my self. Due to this staying in home order we received from out governor . With my burning thighs I started to walk more we have 6 floors so I do all of them and the burning from neuropathy seems to be at lease more tolerable. So guess I needed to do more walking as this stretches the muscles,nerves in groin area.

Thanks Rachel! He hasn’t been too descriptive with this new pain other than calling it burning. He had this one other time on his wrist when he was on Gabapentin, so I just assumed it was the drug. I’ll run it by his dr, but I thought this group would have an immediate answer for me and I was right!! Thanks so much! I always appreciate your input and advice!! I hope you are feeling well!!

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