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sjhedcon (@sjhedcon)

Neuropathy: Anyone have any experience with gabapentin?

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Good morning @sjhedcon 🙂 I took Gabapentin for several months and just recently switched to Lyrica due to the late arriving Gaba side effects.

I realize you are 'reluctant' rather than being critical so this is not directed at you, but is instead for all new folks reading this thread: Gabapentin is not a 'bad' drug. The potential side-effects are just that: Potential. Not everyone experiences the side effects, and when they do they don't experience them in the same way or with the same intensity.

I've seen many people slag Gabapentin with an unbelievable intensity, proclaiming it is a horrid drug that should be taken off the market. I think 'Wow, you should see what happens to me when I take sulfa drugs, but I'm not demanding they be discontinued so no one has access to them just because I go into medical distress…'

I hope you are able to find relief from your symptoms. Nerve pain is definitely difficult to treat 🙁

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@iceblue, Now, those are the words I have been looking for…….thank you. I have been using gabapentin at bedtime…..about an hour before. By that time my hands, wrists and arms are in such discomfort that I could not sleep. I can feel the needle like pain disappear within an hour and am ready for bed with the help of some cannabis balm in a 1: 3 CBD/THC ratio. Works for me.

Find some comfort today.



I totally agree, I’ve been taking gabapentin for 2 yrs. and many (not all) of the side effects disappeared after a short while. I can’t tell if my short term memory problems stem from the drug or my age (72) but I do notice many of my friends exhibit the same thing! I have also started using a CBD (no THC) balm which works beautifully on my hand pain which I apply around 9:00 pm, it seems also to help with sleep so I am very lucky. Helen

@iceblue…..just noticed the comment about sulfa drugs. Me, too. One time, in spite of my warning, a rheumatologist put sulfa somewhere. I was rolling on the floor in itching agony. Ended up in the ER for the night. Never again. And I will protect you as well.

I take it for stenosis in my neck. Makes the pain bearable. I found if I take more than 4 a day or if too close together I get woozy a bit but that is it. On bad pain days, like after gardening, i take that 5th one near bedtime so woozy is ok. I agree, every med has different effects but it has made my life functional.

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