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@randiapr, I can understand both your decision to put trying to conceive on hold and feeling the pressure of time. How long is one prepared to wait when time ticks, right? I gave birth at the height of SARS in the city that was the epi-center. It was scary for sure, but I had full confidence in the safety protocols followed by the hospital. The isolation at home turned out to be a silver lining and allowed our little family of three to bond without obligations of hosting visitors (or germs).

I'm tagging @loren12 @phoenixzip @paddingtonk and @bl2018 on this discussion to see if their plans to try have changed as COVID protocols become a part of life and what it's like to be expecting with all this.

Randi, how do you feel about going into a medical facility at this time? Are you thinking of starting to try again?

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We are going to be scheduled for a c-section so our birth plan isn’t changed due to Covid. It is weird not going to the doctor as much. Just sending in stats every 4 weeks. I can say it is difficult not to see family in such a joyous time for us but it is safer for me and the baby. I have started keeping a journal so I can share what we were up to during the pandemic and how it has effected us. I am very grateful that we are all healthy. I hope everyone else is doing well.

Well I work at a hospital so I am fine with going into a medical facility. But I am fearful that working in this setting increases my risk of exposure and there are so many unknowns if I were to become sick while pregnant.
We are thinking of starting to try again simply because we don't know how long this will last and I anticipate it will last a quite a while…

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