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I'll get us started. Here's a picture I snapped in our driveway last Summer. I live on the side of a small hill. The other side of the hill is a flat area next to a small river. Had I not been observant I possibly could have driven over the small guy. Can you guess what kind? My guess is a baby snapping turtle. Even though we had a ton of rain around the time I took the photo, I have no idea how that baby turtle got over the hill and down to my driveway. I carefully picked the little guy up and walked him back over the hill down by the river then set him free.

How about you, anything you would like to share? I need some cheer, otherwise it's back to the boob tube to find a good comedy.

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@johnbishop It IS a sweet little snapping turtle! Haven't seen one in ages. I used to have a frog that lived in the back yard near the patio. His name was Freddy. I miss him. Now have a small sparrow that lives in the rafters of the back porch. I wish I could get a picture of her/him, but she/'he is shy. As for funny, I get a kick out of my 4 dogs' antics. We are a pack. When the big dog–rottweiler/lab mix hows, I like to how with him.

What a delightful post. How kind of you to care for the little one. I would have done so also. Deby

Hi @johnbishop I’m going to ask my nephew about your turtle, but keep you and others anonymous! He’s a turtle expert at the Turtle Conservancy. Becky

@johnbishop I’m not great at taking animal photos! So, here is a photo of my grandchildren “at school.” They are intently listening to the teacher. They live in the mountain communities/ski resort area so school is closed. And I can’t go see them! 😢

@johnbishop It is a baby! Hatchling common snapping turtle. Chelydra serpentine

First pop of spring, village flower bed. Summerhill, County Meath, Ireland. I agree, connecting with nature will help us stay calm. Thank you.

@johnbishop I don't have a picture but here is one of my favorite quotes. Letting go isn't about having the courage to release the past —Its about having the wisdom to embrace the present Steve f Araboli