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@laurask Im so sorry to hear that what a bummer . Welcome to connect we are a caring group and there are a lot of people on here that can help with a lot of different problems. Im sure you will get some responses . Is there anything the Dr.s are doing for you to make your pain more bearable. Neuropathy is a problem for sure . I for one have the burning pain in my thighs from compression in the back . I do take gabapentin for it Dr. prescribed . Is there another craft or hobby you like to do or find something in the art world We have some people on here that do Zantangle sp?work with fabric in afghan of crocheting. I hope @ginger can help you she is a good information for ideas.

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I can’t thank you enough for responding. I’m so sorry about your pain. How long have you been experiencing this? Gabapentin is my best friend and I take oxycodone three times a day. I take a few other medications that are helping alleviate nerve pain. The numbness I experience is by far the worst symptom. I’m doing large puzzles and have a whole art station set up so I can color and draw. I am always open to new ideas. Productivity is essential, I believe. What are your favorite hobbies?