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Seizures despite medication

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good morning,
I am assuming that if in fact your daughter is having psychological seizures or psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES), you are aware that the anticonvulsant medications will not help. Is your daughter having other types of seizures? How do you know that your daughters seizures are pseudo seizures, which is old terminology and rather insulting which I think is why it was changed. Sadly if someone is experiencing seizures and they have an EEG (electroencephalogram) and it turns out normal some doctors make the assumption that the patient is having Psychogenic seizures which often is not the case.
Wishing you your daughter and family the best of luck,

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Good Afternoon,
My daughter does have seizures coming from both the left and right temporal lobes. I am also aware that the meds she takes are not for PNES. She started having the psychogenic seizures after working at a job she liked, but with ( NLVD ), Nonverbal Learning Disorder. ( this name also needs to be changed as she can and does speak very well ). The people she worked with did and still do not understand what NLVD is. They made her feel worthless and would give her more and more to do while others would watch. She became very stressed out. The morning I took her to work she had told me she wanted to stay home but was afraid of getting written up. She was only at work maybe, 15 minutes before someone found her seizing in the break room. By the time they called the ambulance and it’s arrival at her work, she had had 3 more. The paramedics told me they looked like grandmal seizures and that was what I also thought.According to the Dr., after 2 days of video EEG monitoring ). I was told that she was having psychogenic seizures I, myself was and am still not sure if I totally believe that she was having PNES but I am not a Dr.). While at the hospital they also found that she has POTS and are telling me that this to was probably caused by the stress she was undergoing. After a few months, she found a substitute teaching position and on her first day while another teacher was going over the schedule with her, she passed out and started again with the seizures and POTS. She has yet to find another job and now would prefer to try and find something that she can do from home. She is so afraid now to work outside the home. Destiny, Bachelors Degree in English and loves to read and edit. I do wish we had better Drs. as well as resources to help her find a job that she would actually look forward to.
Sorry, I didn’t mean to take up so much of your time. I could, like others write a book about all the health issues she has, as well as the fighting I have done with schools, Drs., colleges and so on.