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So glad you found about them. The woman I hired told me she was accustomed to doing much more, including sending the residents away somewhere for a few days while she did the entire move. In my case, she probably wouldn't have found my job worthwhile because I had already done nearly all the work. However, she was going through cancer treatments just at that time, so could spend a couple of days with me with just one assistant and it worked well for both of us.

I chose her because, when I was looking through all the ads, she was the one who least ageist. The others all seemed to talk about their clients as if they were feeble and incapable. Their messages were often directed at family and caregivers. The woman I chose wasn't like that and she turned out to be perfect for me. Serendipity.

As we are all aging, I suspect there will be more and more companies offering these services. We boomers are a growth industry.

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@starchy, Really good news that you found a match that worked well for you with the downsizing help. Since the independent living facility selected the firm for the downsizing seminar I attended, I hadn't looked for information from others. How did you conduct your search? Did you use something like Google? How did you title the search...something like Downsizing Facilitators? Also hoping your are right about this becoming more of a growth industry as our numbers continue to increase.