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@mutwo I know how difficult things are for you now and it will be even more difficult to write a good letter. What I have been told is that letter writing should be done in stages. Write a letter and put it aside. Maybe look at it 23hours later and you’ll see many things you want to remove. Continue revising it so just the facts remain. You don’t want it to sound whiney, poor me. Explain that you were doing the best you could.
I have faith in you @mutwo and I know you’ll do your best. Becky

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I wake up in the middle of the night and think about what to say in the letter...while I’m in the shower...sitting on the porch...why haven’t I done it yet...his life is on the line and I’m not doing anything....I got his glasses today but I’m scared to call to ask how to get them to him....it hurts when I call and they won’t tlk to me abt him..but it’s my life now and I have to deal with it....I started the letter ..... thank you Becky....I’m working on believing in myself.....best wishes to you and your family....sending love and prayers to everyone

Hey Becky, I pray you are well...thank you for your encouraging words and advice...I just finished the letter.