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Fiesty i pray you are well

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@mutwo, Thank you for your prayers.

@mutwo and @becsbuddy, Becky’s suggestion that “letter writing should be done in stages” is absolutely sterling advice.
After serving for decades as guardian for my disabled sister and with the continuing support and approval of my still living mom and other relatives of my handling affairs as guardian, an aunt filed to have herself named as guardian. She had recently divorced and wanted access to my sister’s trust fund. I learned of her action when given notice of a hearing before a judge. I was advised to write a letter to the judge.
That was an incredibly difficult task for me to attempt. Stunned and overwhelmed by her action, my first drafts included more of the emotions I was feeling and fewer of the facts that needed to be included.
It took a few starts, set asides and new starts before I felt confident that the content was solely factual data and not emotional reaction. As Becky wrote: “by continuing to revise so that just the facts remained”, the judge dismissed the case in my favor.
The first step is always the hardest and it took me numerous drafts but Nikki you can do this, even if a few sentences at a time. We are rooting for you.

@starchy, Thank you for your follow-up about your move. When I learned at a seminar of a local company, certified nationally, who provides the services you mentioned and used, I was delighted. This company can be hired for everything from start to finish or one can select which of the services desired. Just keeping my fingers crossed that they will be available when the time comes for me.