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dancingirl (@dancingirl)

Back pain after Kidney Stones

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Dear dancing girl, + co … I so sorry your suffering so much, I've been there arnica can help ginger root dandelion root and Burdock root turmeric you can trt walnuts ( know that sounds different but walnuts help nerve pain believe me I've tried everything over the years can't sit down or hurts all the time yet , Dandelion root helps lung health too as Mullein drops and or tea ( stop frizzy sodas they can have a nasty overreaction on your precious nervous system, ) building up your immune system along with homeopathic medicine can really help and swimming as when you are in water you can float and steam help s and bath with essential oils lavender and eucalyptus oil , ginger root and silver colloidal is good natural antibiotics lifting your precious immune system to help fight inflammation in your body . Alkaline diet helps stop refined sugar and daily has helped many people. Hope this can help you too. Kind regards swift hug from England cider vinegar and lemon juice helps and slice of lemon near your bed can help you sleep well. : -) as can positive mind . .

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Thank you i have been looking for Ginger root read about that.Anything helps at this point.Just wish the Drs could find my problem.Sounds like you have been fighting this for a long time So sorry for your pain.This has really done a number on me.I will write these suggestions down and try Thank you.Have a wonderful day.

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