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Lyrica - Looking for Patient Experiences

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Even at high doses, GABA had no noticeable effect and Cymbalta caused serious memory problems. Lyrica helps greatly. If I am late taking it, I suffer—no exaggeration. With numb feet and Lyrica, I do feel dizzy often. This gives very good relief when taken with my Tramadol. I have tried several pain meds that almost completely eliminated pain, but as you would expect, they were much more dangerous and addicting. Despite daily pain and some rough ones, I am trying to stay at this level of relief. Lyrica makes that possible.

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@dcduke, glad something works somewhat for you. Have you tried CBD at all? Gabapentin caused dizziness and vertigo (not the same) for me for a year in which I was seeing a P/T specialist. It stopped on its own and have not had it come back so far. Other side effects have come and gone over time, now just dealing with the SFN.

I have been on lyrica for 3 years and I swear by it ! Nothing ealse has worked for me, as you know the pain never completely goes away,but taken lyrica has saved my life and I was able to go back to work full time!, me and my husband are raising our 9 yr old grandson, and if I hadn't went back to work we would've lost our house and been homeless! Thank you God and my doctor for lyrica! Amen!

@dckuke. Hi, I'm on GABA @ 1200mg/day and still have pain in the afternoon that lasts until I fall asleep. When I wake I have almost no pain but by mid afternoon I'm in agony again. I will talk to my PCP about switching to Lyrica but I'd appreciate knowing how you made the switch. did you just stop the GABA one day & start with Lyrica? What GABA dose were you on and what Lyrica dose did you start?

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