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I take 500 mg of Gabapentin & I do the same thing with sentences. I forget what I am about to say & I have to think about it & I feel like a fool. I'm on a very low dose of Gabapentin. My dr. says this pill slows the brain down so I guess that is why we react like that. I would like to know more too so keep us posted. Best of luck.

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@tigreyes2004 – I can't even say I've become forgetful because that would be an understatement. The day I realized I had forgotten about one of the lap quilts I had made only a few weeks before – that was the day that totally freaked me out. How does one forget that they made a lap quilt? A VIBRANT lap quilt!!! I know I was grieving – but even with grief that was over the top. There are many other examples, but that was the one that I found most disconcerting. I'm hoping Lyrica allows my brain to more fully function while still reducing the pain. Perhaps an impossible request….

Thank you for your post. I have been a bit forgetful but I usually attribute it to my advanced age. Maybe the high doses of gabapentin are the root cause. I usually remember my conversations but when it comes to remembering a person’s name, it takes me a minute or two and sometimes I can only remember the surname. Hmmm…. I need the gabapentin more than I need my memory of everyone’s name. But maybe it is more the drug and not early dementia that is causing my problem.