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Internal Hemorrhoid

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Hi Lori,
Oh my goodness, first of all I hope that your cancer has been eradicated. I can't even imagine what you must have gone through. And secondly, thank you for answering my hemorrhoid question. Every now and then things just don't feel quite right. I don't know much about hemorrhoids and from what I understand they can swell. So I have been doing sitz baths every now and then to try to shrink them. But I get worried about having an impacted stool.

I have not hesitated to call my gastro Dr whenever I'm concerned. I think every receptionist in the office knows my voice by now. But I suffer from anxiety and all these other things really make me nervous.

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@judy75 Hi Judy, Thank you, knock on wood my cancer has been remission since having a bone marrow transplant almost 2 years ago. Someone else’s immune system is standing guard now. ☺️.

I didn’t know much about hemorrhoids either! Baptism by fire or whatever the expression is. Anytime we put strain down there, whether from diarrhea or constipation, it puts undue pressure on the blood vessels and they can swell. You had C-diff so you’ve been through a battle with a lot of action in the nether regions!! I sure hope things are getting under control for you. No wonder you’re anxious and concerned about something else going wrong. Those situations can leave us hyper sensitive to any changes.

From what I’ve learned along the way, you’re doing everything right. Keep fiber moving through so you don’t have to strain. Even consider, with your doctor’s ok, adding a daily does of something like Metamucil. Keeps ‘things’ consistent. Adding yogurt daily, drink lots of water and definitely the sitz baths can help. Another thing given to me in the hospital were Tucks medicated pads to keep the outside area comfortable.

Anxiety is a beast…makes us vulnerable and saps our energy. Have you tried any mindfulness or meditative exercises? There are some really relaxing and anxiety relief apps and, videos on youtube. A particularly soothing meditative leader is David Gandelman. He can be found insighttimer.com Wishing you peace and continued good health. Lori.

@judy75 I believe sitting for long periods can exacerbate both external and internal hemorrhoids. If you have to sit long periods of time, a donut cushion could help. You can also get the inflatable kind to take along with you if you travel a lot.