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Internal Hemorrhoid

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@judy75 You have my empathy! Anything amiss with the digestive tract is a “pain in the butt”, pun intended. I’ve not had C-diff or diverticulitis but I did develop an internal hemorrhoid during all my cancer treatment/chemo.
To answer your question, yes, an internal hemorrhoid can cause the stool to get stuck…behind the hemorrhoid. I needed some assistance by way of an enema while I was in the hospital. Let’s just say it was very effective in short order. Due to my platelets being extremely low at the time, I had to wait days for my platelets and white blood count to go up before my oncologist gave the ‘go ahead’ to my nurse. So, you can imagine my relief and many giggles after delivering what felt like a 9 pound baby. 😂.

Being at home, perhaps try a suppository or there are enema kits. Just be cautious and maybe ask the physician/NP, who has treated you for the C-diff, if this is something you can try. Don’t be embarrassed to call and ask for advice. Best of luck to you!

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Hi Lori,
Oh my goodness, first of all I hope that your cancer has been eradicated. I can't even imagine what you must have gone through. And secondly, thank you for answering my hemorrhoid question. Every now and then things just don't feel quite right. I don't know much about hemorrhoids and from what I understand they can swell. So I have been doing sitz baths every now and then to try to shrink them. But I get worried about having an impacted stool.

I have not hesitated to call my gastro Dr whenever I'm concerned. I think every receptionist in the office knows my voice by now. But I suffer from anxiety and all these other things really make me nervous.