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Can you go to Mayo Clinic

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I am 53 and live a little over 1 hour north west of you.

Yes you can go to Mayo.

I self referred naming all of the body systems that I had challenges with and what the challenges were. I asked them to put me through a fine tooth comb and tell me everything that I was dealing with and how to best increase my quality of life.

I was diagnosed with Central Sensitization with Fibromyalgia. The Pain and Rehabilitation Program is a lifesaver.

I am returning in July for the 10 day HABIT program.

Have a wonderful day!

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Does this mean you went for Doctor assessment of your conditions or you went for oain rehab program? 2 different visits??

Do you have other issues other then fibromyalgia? As you saw in my post I have so many different things wrong I don’t even know where to start. My arthritis doctor is recommending me to go. She said you don’t need a referral but they will request all of my records. The worst problem I have with this is the doctor that was treating me retired and it was before the mandatory computer records went in place. So all of my records from that doctor are gone and that’s when I started getting sick 2003. I had gastric bypass in 2005 and lost 100 pounds. I kept that weight off until 4 years ago I was taken off blood thinner Coumadin and put on Eliquis and the first month I gained 25 pounds. None of my doctors were concerned and continued telling me it wasn’t from the Eliquis. Since then I have gained 60 pounds. The weight and arthritis and fibromyalgia are all working against me and the doctors here don’t even mention it. I’m at a loss. Thank you for reaching out to me.

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