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Anyone out there living with stage 4 lung cancer?

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@nursed2075- Welcome to Mayo Connect. Yes, we have a lung cancer group. I am the mentor for lung cancer and health. I do have stage 4 lung cancer. Many people in the lung cancer group do. I'm horrible on my cell phone otherwise I'd put the link here. You can access it the same way you found this group.
Why are you interested in stage 4 lung cancer patients? Have you been diagnosed with it?

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update March 9th results of Feb 28th scan...see below.

Re-posting the status of my cancer... ... I have Adenocarcinoma Non small cell lung cancer stage 4.. PDL-1 less than 1% with no mutations... I was diagnosed in December of 2018 but did not begin treatments until late February 2019 by the time they finalized my PET scan, sending my biopsy to Toronto to see if I qualified for immunotherapy etc... my oncologist said that the information came back from Toronto that I did not qualify for immunotherapy so they began my therapy with two different chemo drugs... CARBOplatin and Premetrexed (aka:Altima) I was given the combo of the two chemo drugs for 4 infusions every 3 weeks... then just premetrexed for the next 7 infusions every 3 weeks.. I was told by my oncologist that in Oct 2019 that the chemo drugs were no longer shrinking my tumours.. so They began giving me infusions of Nivolumab (aka: Opdivo) every 4 weeks, my last infusion to date was on Feb 13th, 5 infusions so far... I will not know if the immunotherapy is working until I have my next scheduled CAT scan this Friday, Feb 28th.. will get the results from my oncologist on March 9th. I am praying for a miracle to hear NED... I know this drug has done wonders for many people... The only thing that confuses me at this point is why I was told I did not qualify for the drug when I was first diagnosed and now they are giving me the drug... so who knows.. I will be asking my new oncologist on my March 9th appointment that question and will let you know the outcome either way... Please feel free to share your journey in hopes that other people will learn from it or find out there is hope ... and never accept the diagnosis of there is nothing more we can do for you... ALWAYS SEEK A SECOND OPINION and never give up hope...

OKay.. .here are the results of my scan after 5 infusions of Novolumab (Opdivo) from Feb 28, 2020 scan... guess its kind of stable.. 2 steps forward and one step back...The tiny nodules identified within the right lower lobe the lung have almost completely resolved tiny nodules noted within the right lower lobe the lung measuring 2 mm. The subsegmental atelectatic changes with some degree of speculation identified involving the right lower lobe the lung have also significantly improved, on the prior examination speculated area measured 1.2 x 0.6 cm in size the current examination measures 1.2 x 0.4 cm in size less nodules are noted in this location. Multiple nodules noted involving the left upper lobe the lung have also resolved. Of note however, there is a larger mass identified involving the left lower lobe the lung measuring 1.4 x 1.5 cm in size, on the prior examination measuring 0.8 x 1.2 cm in size is also a new nodule identified involving the lower aspect of the left upper lobe the lung measuring 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm in size.

Hello,my wife has stage 4 lung cancer. She was having head aches and dizzy spells when she fell and broke her tibia they did a ct scan and found a brain tumer and had that removed ,after lab work they discovered it came from her lung . It was small cell lung cancer since her diagnoses she has had 15 radiation treatments to her brain and so far 12 rounds of chemo. As of 7/23/2021 she has been in the hospital with pneumonia they or giving her platelets. Also her o2 levels will fall any where from 80 to 50 and i dont know how i can help her.We are raising 4 grand kids she is only 53 and I am 57 I would be greatfull for any hlp or support. Thank you

Yes, I’m beginning treatments chemo/katruda/ etc tomorrow . I had a port installed Friday so I’m ready to start. My bio marker test came back with KRAS g12C . 1st round treatment will be for I think 3 treatments every 3 weeks. I just wanted to ask what to expect going forward. I know that it is very different for each person. I’m 68 years old and a former smoker ( stopped in 2013. Thanks for any responses !