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Thanks for all of your responses! I saw a NP at my GP's office. I didn't want a urogyno eval (as my condition is rectal) so the NP referred me to a colorectal specialist (surgeon) for evaluation. My appointment is still a week away. Will lyk…

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Just a bit more background on my particular set of circumstances:
Since my constipation was due to medication, nothing helped until I stopped the medication. I had years to experiment with laxatives and the like. My inclination as an otherwise healthy person was to eat well and exercise regularly. What I found is 'at best' I would experience 8-20 days of marble-sized 'pellet' poop (some of which invariably stayed stuck in my rectocele until I manually removed it) interspersed with an occasional 'miracle day' of a pretty ordinary (but occasionally runny) poop. I thought I might have mild Chron's disease but my symptoms didn't fully match. But my point is – whether I hiked, biked, ran, played tennis, whether I ate salads and high-fiber vegetarian all week, whether I fasted or ate steak – NOTHING altered the pattern – Until I stopped the anti-depressant. My constipation eased immediately when I began tapering off that medication. Now that I'm 100% medication free I have wonderfully 'average' bm's again! Instead of every week or 2, I poop every day! And no more 'pellets', but normal consistency.

Medication can be literally life-saving. But constipation is no small matter as a side-effect. I wish biochemists or whoever creates these drugs would take this side-effect more seriously – especially when it can create conditions requiring surgery! Throwing more drugs eg stool-softeners on top of the problem is not imo a solution.

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