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I had this condition, @flind, and I had surgery for it along with a repair for bladder prolapse about 8 years ago. I had no idea I even had it till it was pointed out to me. So, I would be another combination surgery situation. However, I can say that I do remember specifically having pain after the surgery right in that area, and that it did not feel too good. I was given painkillers, though, which helped make it at least tolerable. The other thing I remember is that having a first BM after surgery felt absolutely traumatic, like I was going to just pop my stitches right out. Scary, in a way. I was prescribed stool softeners, and finally I just had to go for it and try it out. It did hurt, then caused soreness for some time after my surgery (maybe 2 weeks?), but finally got better.

I did try a pessary before surgery (for all the fallen parts), but I was not a big fan. I know some women who use them for many years and are fine with it, however.

The difficulty is that now I know what a rectocele is, I think mine may be back again.

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@lisalucier @flind During the birth of my son I ripped right through my anal sphincter which is what they suggested may have caused my problem, even though it was many years later. I had pain similar to you, Lisa, when I had BMs. It was terrible, and every time I had one it of course made the problem worse. It took three months for me to heal. I could not ride comfortably in the car as a passenger so I would lay down in the back seat. Interestingly I could drive, maybe because I could anticipate the shifts in the car better and prepare for them.

I've read that they sometimes recur even after successful surgery. I hope this is not the case for you! Thank you for sharing your experience!! It's helpful to know what to expect (or what post op might be like)!