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Thank you JK. I appreciate your response. R/O – rule out the possibility of a rectocele. I am interested in "incomplete elimination" due to feces being literally TRAPPED in a rectocele. I'm not needing info re symptoms per se. I would like to know how the condition "rectocele" may have been (or failed to have been) addressed. Fecal incontinance (and many other symptoms) may well be associated with the condition but these are not of interest to me at this time as I have no extenuating factors – just a poop pouch I want to get rid of. I've no doubt a rectocele left untreated eventually leads to all manner of unpleasant symptoms. Which is my point! Why doctors, gynos especially, don't talk about it! The burdon is on patients to bring up a frankly embarrasing topic. Gynos have no problem proactively bringing up prolapses, atrophic vaginitis, urinary incontinence, even vaginismus… all of which get talked about a LOT, regularly and openly. But I sought relief from severe constipation for 20 years and was NEVER taken seriously – the result – a rectocele. I'm really not interested in comparing symptoms.I hope those who wish to discuss associated symptomology will start a NEW thread. I am only interested in the diagnosis & treatment of a rectocele. Has anyone had procedures to correct this as a single surgery. If so what kinds of outcomes were experienced. Do they have advice as far as what to expect/avoid in terms of surgery or other treatment for this one specific condition? I understand the norm is to consider the female urogenital tract/pelvic floor as a "lump" sum. In many cases this makes sense, but there is a dearth of information re individual components of the female pelvic region other than the vagina which (rightly enough) is paid plenty of attention. Thanks for your understanding…

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@flind when I went to a physical therapist for urinary incontinence she suggested that the rectocele could be causing what I felt was fecal incontinence and told me about putting a sterile glove on and pushing it out manually.

This does seem to be a problem that doctors are loathe to bring up. I hope your appointment goes well and presents some solution. I hope too that you will post about it. I am very interested.