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Post Knee replacement mobility

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Hi! I had double-knee replacement four years ago. First thing is to be VERY patient and kind to yourself. You are just into the healing process. Take your meds wisely, eat healthy and get proper rest. Your commitment to rehab is essential. Doing the exercises is vital to regaining flexibility. I found walking to be a big help in regaining the ability to make both legs (knees) engage in being balanced and sharing the load. I used Nordic Walking Poles at first to help me feel secure and, frankly, alleviate concerns that if I sat (or fell) down I would still have the ability to leverage back up. Find a therapist that explains things, and with whom you can share your goals. Often, the therapist considers “success” once you can do all the basics. I had bigger goals to resume yoga and Pilates which would pushed well past my therapists notion of “sufficient” range of motion. I found someone who worked with me so I could get down on the floor, and back up. She showed me how using bolsters behind my knees would get me into “child’s pose”, and using foam yoga blocks for stability helped me have confidence and get stronger. Find someone who will truly listen to your personal goals and develop that plan with you. This does take time. My experience was reaching peak flexibility within six months, but frankly, you can continue to make improvements after that. Good luck! Oh, and remember if something ever doesn’t feel “right” to you, or is truly painful, talk with your doctor right away!

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Thanks. I am essentially isolated on a wooded Island up in the NW, not being able to drive yet, I have a lot of time with the 'what-ifs'. Thanks for the perspective. Double TKR!!! wow Awesome!!!

Thanks! You are an inspiration!!!

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