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Post Knee replacement mobility

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Well. I'm working on getting my knee to bend a little more every day. My PT guy says I need 125 degrees to garden/kneel comfortably-which is my goal. I'm also told that the window for total rehabbed ability essentially closes after 3 months-which makes me anxious that I get there well before–. this is from where the concern of stiffness arises.

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@bushy I have heard more than three months, but I think any significant improvement does happen in that time frame. I did have some small improvement after that. It was very slow but did happen.
Keep working on it. I wish I had worked harder. One knee is just over 120 and the other just under that.

Good afternoon @bushy, It appears that you are approaching this TKR rehab with a committed plan and some clinician supervision. I am going to share this link because it was clear and easy to follow. There aren't too many medical terms I have to look up and understand.

My TKR rehab plan was to follow my surgeon's directions. This was my 6th surgery with him and I trusted him 100%. Many of his recommendations are included in this blog. Together, we did a great job. He was so impressed with "our" progress that he took me and introduced me to his colleagues. I also did a video for him to give new patients. What a team!
Be content and at ease today.

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