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Caregiver Burnout Warning

Caregivers: Dementia | Last Active: Nov 2, 2020 | Replies (42)

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@burnt2acrisp I’m just wondering how you and your husband are doing. I know you have an appointment scheduled for mid March—I just hope it won’t be cancelled. Becky

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@becsbuddy, I'm afraid things have gone from bad to worse. My own physical and emotional state appear to have improved a little. But there have been aspects of the situation which I truly believe would be unsettling to a sane person.
Without a tiresome and implausible- or should I say 'difficult to credit' – play by play my relations with the facility Hubby is in never improved. They say I can go get him tomorrow. Or so I was told when I called to inquire.
Previously they had said that he could only go to a long-term care facility.
When he left here he was feeding himself. I cut up his food and handed him the plate, after eating he would then return his plate to the kitchen on his own. About half the time he'd even rinse his plate.
They tell me now that they must place food in his hand, guide his hand to mouth to prompt him to eat. Maybe he eats half the meal.

Hubby has an unusual set of physical problems of the kind shared by POW's or concentration camp survivors. These problems stem from difficulties and delays in obtaining correct diagnosis and treatment of a totally obstructed colon. This gruesome state of affairs dragged on for a little over a month. The tumor was large and extended into nearby lymph nodes. Colon below the tumor was gray and shriveled.
Through a tragic failure in communications the facility he's in failed to take into account that Hubby's system just doesn't work like most people's. That's the kindest way that I can put it. Or maybe things would have turned out this way no matter what.

I'll call the place in the morning to see if discharge is still a go. So far they've never told me anything without an unseemly badgering on my part. I put in a call-back request for the doctor the other day and the social worker called. Refused to discuss specifics, just come get him next Monday.