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I had found very good info and suggestions for dealing with PMR (prior to this Mayo one) at a site originating in the UK. Google Health Unblocked – I think you will find newer/more recent thinking on ways for tapering off Prednisone. NOT TOO QUICKLY! I was diagnosed in March of 2019 at the age of 83. I truly believe now (after reading so many familiar stories) that I may have had some "mini" episodes but dismissed them for one reason or another. But when it HIT is was truly miserable and the pain was way above 10+. When I was prescribed Pred almost 1 year ago it was like a miracle. The pain was gone within 24 hours: I could raise my arms, brush my hair, lift my arms to turn light switches on/off etc etc etc. I am also a Nordic. I am currently taking 7 mg every AM and will begin a slow taper perhaps next week. I was on 60mg for 1 week, down to 40, then 20 for a month, 15 for 2 months, 12.5 then to ten and down 1 mg monthly until I got to 6. Then I tried 5 and BINGO — back to 7 now for 3 weeks. Enjoy the roller coaster ride! I have become a believer in the need to CUT THE CARBS. There is also a Facebook Group, but I do not really have time for FB.
Good luck, Maija

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Thanks so much for the information