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kennethracey (@kennethracey)

Seizures After Taking Fat Burners

Epilepsy & Seizures | Last Active: Mar 14, 2020 | Replies (6)

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Ok after my visit with my visit with my neurologist on the 10th my MRI showed I have a arachnoid cyst on my brain causing my seizures. My neurologist is wenning me off of keppra and switching me to Topiramate to control these seizures. She stated keppra is diffinltlly not for my system. Makes me feel like crap, no appetite, no energy, lye in bed all day. In addition to switching Topiramate can anyone suggest any natural herb or supplement to shrink this arachnoid cyst. I’m 66 and these seizures have just started flaring up in the past 6 months need some advice Please!!!!

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Hello @kennethracey,
You must be pleased to have an answer for your seizures. Having a diagnosis and a treatment plan is all-important to feeling better. Regarding the arachnoid cyst, I would suggest that you post this question in our discussion group on the topic of arachnoid cysts. Here is the link to that discussion,
As this is a rare disorder, here is a link to some information about it from the NIH website,
Just wondering, @kennethracey, did your doctor recommend any other type of treatment other than medicine?

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