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Clearing lung technique I found by accident

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: May 24, 2021 | Replies (32)

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Well said – I second that @alleycatkate ! Thanks to @windwalker (and you too!) & all those who have been going through this before us and are willing to share their journey & discoveries! I can't do 7% yet (hemoptysis issues), but can now mix my 3% with the 7. When I started this bronchiectatsis/NTM journey, my infectious disease doc told me…" you WILL treat. I don't have anyone that doesn't treat within at least 3 years." Well, I am now at the 3 year mark (diagnosed, but surely had it much longer), and instead of being closer to treatment, I have improved greatly in health & strength. Yes, as they tell me, I meet the "clinical" requirements for treatment, and I may have to some day, but I am ever thankful that God has blessed me with this time of no treatment – and he used this group to inform me and arm me with tools to change the direction of my journey. I have zero doubt that, without the things I have learned & implemented from everyone here, I would have fulfilled my ID doc's prediction. So thank you, ALL!!

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@shooei -Interesting that you are not able to use the 7% saline due to hemoptysis- I too have tried it a few times and ended up coughing up blood again! I was advised to stop-I have been using the Aerobika with some success. My doc said he may want me to try 3% saline down the road.
I too appreciate everyone’s input on this site.

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