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Pain that keeps spreading

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@jlsmommie if you don’t get a diagnosis locally I hope you will go to a major medical center, preferably one that is a teaching hospital. They see so much more than local hospitals do that they tend to know more. Obviously Mayo is an excellent choice if one is convenient for you but there are others throughout the country. I go to Mass General in Boston and they have been wonderful. I went quite a while locally without a diagnosis myself and I will never stay local again if that happens.
I believe the gold standard for hospital ratings is the one put out by US News. Maybe you can find a top hospital there that would not be too far from you. They also list best regional hospitals. The regional hospital section doesn’t rate many of the hospitals, it just lists them so be aware of that.

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I live in NC so none of them are very close !! I'm happy with my new doctor for the simple fact he's listening. I have found not many doctors do that anymore. I just want to be heard and not have them throw medicine at me without trying to figure out the root of the pain ect.

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