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Hi @miracleman, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I commend you on looking for ways that you can live well after having open heart surgery 3 times. For me that means working on making healthy choices when eating, moving around and being active and also taking care of my mental health, like spending time with family and friends. The best is when I can mix all 3 into one like going for a walk together after a healthy meal with my family.

I'd like to bring in some other members to share their experiences on how they embrace life after a heart event, like @thankful @predictable @mrsjaxx727 @harriethodgson1 @lioness and @eileena.

Miracleman, you say you're feeling lucky. What have you started to do to help yourself keep that lucky streak going?

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@miracleman Hi Welcome to connect also . Im Lioness . You are lucky to survive heart surgery. In 1996 I developed symptoms of a heart problem . My cardiologist did all the testing and decided with 3 arteries blocked 85,90,95 % I needed a triple by pass. My arteries where to small for a stint the balloon they tried first burst so it was of to the O.R. Its been 24 yrs since that happened and I am doing quit well I give credit to God for keeping me alive all this time . I went on a healthy diet , do exercise of some kind every day and live right . Its important to have friends and family support . Most of what I eat is fruits and vegetables, The Dr told me to get of red meat ,so I did now I have it occasionally . . I have always used vitamins and minerals to supplement any lose with food. The only med Im on is a cholesterol med which keeps it within normal range. So if you eat healthy ,exercise not strenuous , and live a good life you have a good chance on this earth . One other thing is keep a positive attitude that is most important

Honestly, I'm trying to quit worrying and turn it over to God. He's ultimately in control anyway. I had my 11th stent put in Mid January and it kind of sent me into a "tailspin". I got busy trying to research what I could do to sustain my life. It finally hit me, I'm not in charge. All I can do is reach out to others who deal with this type of issue and turn it over to God.