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Anastrozole and bladder pain

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Went back to the Urogyn today for a cystoscopy (where they look inside your bladder). The good news, no cancer. The not so good news, it is very inflamed (I saw it on the screen) and she officially diagnosed Interstitial Cystitis. Once my Oncologist gets the result I can get her assessment and ask about other AIs. Since it is right now under control, I will continue what I've been doing and look at other dietary changes I can make that might help. In 3 weeks the Urogyn will relook at bladder function (which won't require a cystoscopy). If another major flareup happens, there is Elmiron, a drug for IC. So that's something that could be tried if I reach that point. Maybe I will or won't. At least I have some next steps - sometimes that's all you need to power through another week or month. All the best.

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I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis before I was diagnosed with HR positive breast cancer. With my oncologist approval I have been using a dab of estrogen cream on the urethra opening and it was helping a lot. I also take mybetriq daily for over active bladder. All was well for the last 8 years. I’ve been on anatrozole for about 8 months. I recently had a UTI but that has cleared up but I’m still having painful urination but no other IC symptoms so I don’t think that’s it. The pyridium I take for the IC isn’t helping. My urologist wants me to see my gyn. I see her on Nov 7. Hopefully she finds out what’s going on. I’m so afraid it’s bladder cancer.

Did your interstitial cystitis cause symptoms like blood showing up in urine, which caused you to think you had a UTI? What sent you to the urologist for a cystoscopy?