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Paresthesia, abnormal sensations

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Thanks for your info. I simply find it so weird that when the tinnitus gets very loud the vibrating sensation appears. I have had tinnitus constantly for about 33 years. No silence for me from that moment on.

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.. i wonder if tinnitus can be caused by different things and whatever caused the tinnitus is causing the vibrating sensation… i am going through and have been through similar situation along with some other things; tinnitus years ago was the odd tinkle, knock, on and off once in a while but last year or more getting more machine like for hours, very hard to distract myself from it which is about the only thing we can do; leave ipad on all night with soft piano music in background. peripheral neuropathy since 2016 a medication reaction, but last year started internal tremors… five minute discussion over internet dr thinks Essential Tremor… you have to be a super sleuth detective sometimes to find out if there is a medication behind it all .. i have been through a lot of research trying to find out if dental numbing agent started it…as have had 6 freezings in six months; epinephrine, etc. and now i have found but have not read . as can only read so much about all this at a time… that my glaucoma drops, LATANOPROST , can cause tremors .. honestly its never ending. i am like you willows and would like even one day full silence! i was going to say at least it is not painful, but i have pain in ears too…. or jaw or face or…….. the mystery persists! JUNE

willows, I am so sorry, as tinnitus is a curse! Have you ever seen an ENT for it? I’ve read there can be many causes and lots of suggestions on how to deal with it but I have not seen a dr. nor have I tried anything yet myself. Helen