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Thank you for the insight on your Lupron experiences! I start those shots a week from tomorrow. I am mainly trying to prepare my husband for the emotional mess I am bound to become. I have prepped him to make sure he gives me support when I start acting weepy or like an emotional teen.

When it comes to the intramuscular shots, do you ladies have any tips on making them less painful? Do you ice your thigh before and/or after? Or is heat better in your experience? Do you go for walks afterwards? Thanks in advance for the advice!

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I’ve never done thigh but I’ve done many progesterone shots in butt/hip area. Do NOT ice. Depending on which side you are doing, take the weight off that side so it relaxes the muscle (so when it’s on my right side I put all my weight on my left foot). After the shot is done, use warm wet heat (like a wet washcloth) or a rice bag. I’m at the point where I don’t do that but I run the area vigorously for a few minutes because the spots get lumpy after awhile.

Do not ice. I did the triggers myself in the thighs. Best thing for me was to do some deep breathing and relax as much as possible. I didn’t think my husband could handle the shots but he did great. 11 weeks of the progesterone they won’t let you do those yourself. So if you have someone let them try. Those progesterone shot are what we are all hoping for so get ready ahead of time. Best of luck!!