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Left ankle/foot issue

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@amywood20 I had a similar thing happen with my foot after horseback riding. We rode a lot of hilly trails , so I had my weight in the stirrups a lot with a one inch wide steel strirrup bar. My foot had an achy tired feeling after, and the next morning when I stepped out of bed barefoot, the ligaments snapped on the outside of my foot and it hurt a lot. I saw the podiatrist thinking it was a stress fracture. It got better over a few weeks, not worse, so that ruled out a fracture. I had some swelling on the top side of my foot. I got custom orthotics and it helped a lot. After 6 weeks, it had healed itself. I do know that the joints in the foot can get stuck and not move properly. My physical therapist does myofascial release to stretch overly tight muscle and fascia which is common. Any overtight muscles pull on the joints and down to your feet and according to a podiatrist it can cause things like hammer toes. Working out the tightness with a physical therapist can get everything moving properly and release the tension. I made other changes too that helped me go horseback riding with out pain. I replaced the narrow stirrup with a wide one that was padded with foam and 4.5 inches wide, and added some hardware that kept the stirrups aimed correctly because the leather fenders from the saddle are twisted to get them oriented correctly, and my ankle was absorbing that tension. A physical therapist can gently pull on the foot to release tension and feel where it is coming from. We do have a discussion on Connect about myofascial release. Leg tension problems can cause hip misalignment which also affects spinal alignment as it's all connected.

Here is the link to our MFR discussion. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/myofascial-release-therapy-mfr-for-treating-compression-and-pain/

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@jenniferhunter thanks for the reply! Fortunately, the ankle/foot is getting much better! It's taken months but the tingly is minimal and the actual pain seems to be gone. I bought metal tools like the kind they use in gua sha. Obviously I am not trained in it but have had enough ASTYM done on various limps that I have a somewhat good idea how to do scraping. I used the tools on both legs twice a week for several weeks and then scaled down to once a week. Did a little strengthen via physical therapy. I think the combination of the two helped greatly. 🙂

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