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I just had my nerve sparing Radical Prostectomy in late January (at 49). Just crossed the 1 month mark with another 2 months before by follow up. In reading other past patients stories all over different blogs, many were on a regiment of viagra, cialis, etc to promote blood flow and alleged healing. Beyond doing my kegels should I be doing or taking anything. Just wanting to make sure I am not missing the boat on reducing my chances of ED by not taking action early in the healing process.

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Hi @voodoo5500 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You'll notice that I moved your message to this recent discussion. I did this so you can meet other members like @klaken @ken82 @dmadi61 and @john57 talking about sexual function post treatment for prostate cancer.

You ask a good question. What can you do to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction as you heal after surgery?

While we wait for others to weigh in, you might find this article from the Prostate Cancer Foundation useful:
– Help for ED after Prostate Surgery: The Basics https://www.pcf.org/c/help-for-ed-after-prostate-surgery-the-basics/

I went on Sildenafil (20¢ per pill from Honeybeehealth.com) immediately after the catheter was removed. I also splurged for a restorex® lengthening device (developed by Mayo physician). That cost me almost $500 but shortening during the healing process was not an option I was willing to accept. Let me know if you need more specifics.

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