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swimming after rotator cuff surgery

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@oerin : I agree with lioness that you should try to do some swim-specific exercises in the water. Will definitely help recovery process. I did rehab in the pool for my TKR with great results. Regarding the crawl – patience, patience! I had rotator cuff surgeries on either shoulder, and while the right one was more complicated, I was back to playing tennis – with overhead serve motion – after exactly 3 months and 29 days. BUT that motion, somewhat similar to a crawl stroke, was only a limited amount of times, quite wimpy, and not continuous. Realistically, it will take about 9 months to get 90% of strength and flexibility back, and close to 1 year to be as good as new. I started with swimming backstroke after the TKR, since breaststroke was impossible due to the frog kick motion, and have worked my way up to 1/2 mile a few times a week. Perhaps someone with the same surgery who also swims can give you better information.

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Are there any nearby towns or cities where there might be swimming pool resources that you could use? Are you able to drive yet so if there was a pool ssituation you could get yourself there and back? Hang in there and don't do anything that hurts your arm–not a good sign but a signal that you shold try something else for now. Ask your PT for water exercises that are good or you might look online for some reasonable suggestions about water exercises. Or check Amazon–you might find something there in terms of a book that might have good suggestions about water exercises. Don't despair–It really does take a very long time to recover from rotator cuff surgery. When I had mine it really was about a year before I felt fully recovered. Your doctor may be giving you some questionable advice about how much and what kind of exercises you are really ready for. As my doctor said: "If it hurts don't do it!"

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