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Yep…I can so relate! I've been ill for over 5 years with overlapping issues but the most agonizing is the chronic nausea which I suffer every day. Docs stumped on what is causing this other than 'functional disorders' but personally, I think this is a simple phrase used when a true diagnosis can't be made. So the last GI specialist I saw was the one who prescribed Motegrity, both for my CIC but also because it's apparently also has prokinetic properties that can help with digestive impairment. He thought perhaps it may even help my nausea but I am so dubious as that is listed as a primary side effect! Currently they are now investigating me neurologically feeling I may have something called "small fiber neuropathy". So….it all remains to be seen. Unless you can personally relate, disorders with no clear cut explanations and no genuine helpful treatments, life becomes small and horrible distasteful. hope you get answers soon!

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All i say is if you try it, start with small dose and give it some time. I dont have nausea like you, but i was having episodes of sudden throwing up and ulcer symptoms, they did a upper scope, found notta. Put on 40mg a day prevacid, helped a lot,now down to 20 and still most of the time ok, few break throughs, im so sorry you deal with it all the time, no gastroparesis though? My doc said i most likely have some because how slow my gut is. Side effects suck, but are inevitable. The good news is that every body is different. Its the burden of trial and error that is least talked about. We deserve damn trophies.