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Thank you! I am glad that you are feeling well.

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Here I am. ganglionopathy. Also have rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, hypothyroidism and about fourteen other diagnosed ailments. (AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES) So, I am not alone ion this planet. Am still looking for a knowledgeable doctor. If you have suffered with these ailments for a long time I am sure you have researched and have come to some conclusions yourself. I think the doctors of today have not attended a school of learning that teaches in depth as used to be many years ago. To me it appears that seeing as many patients a day to make the money is the way things are run today. All this at our expense and pain. Let me know of a space ship that can travel to another planet where patients are treated properly and I will be first in line. I send you this note with great respect and hope you will respond. With sincere care for you, Peach.