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@scottjeffe I'm sorry to hear that each of you is experiencing this pain issue - I had 2 total hip & 3 revision surgeries - all posterior, and the nerve pain resolved after about a year, but after the original implants, there was numbness along my femur, clicking in the joint and other issues - all of which the original ortho told me were "Normal". But I wish I had been more assertive when I felt like the hips weren't "right" because it was a sign that they implants were shedding metal into my body, causing tissue breakdown & essentially poisoning me - it took years to recover from that after the implants were replaced.
My friend had pain such as you describe that was dismissed by the surgeon as unavoidable - she finally saw a neurologist who found there was scarring that needed to be corrected - I don't remember the details, only her frustration. She finally got relief after years of suffering.
If I have learned anything over the years as a patient, both for joint surgery & other issues, it is that you must be your own assertive advocate and insist on having your complaints taken seriously, and your situation explored.
What diagnostics has your surgeon done to identify the problem? Or have you been referred to someone else for help? Please don't give up hope for a solution.

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Every bit of information helps me, and I thank you. It’s actually a very depressing situation.

Hi Sue and thank you again for your response and sharing your experiences. You’ve suffered quite a bit longer than myself, so I’m glad you finally found relief. May I ask how your medical providers determined you required revision surgery? My medical providers send me for X-ray and simply say everything looks as it should with no signs of loosening of prosthetic and send me on my way with anti inflammatory meds which do absolutely nothing for my pain.