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Night pain

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I am a 77 year old male who birthday was yesterday who has suffered for the past 4 years with night pain where by the lack of sleep was causing my brain and body to get really screwed up. I was over weight by 20 lbs , stomach and bowel issues with extreme fatigue. I fell asleep during the day constantly and it was very disruptive to function in this matter and deal with injections at 8 surgeries later I was going nowhere. Had a bad surgery would cause a severe spinal leak which caused a incurable disease called arachnoiditis. I've gotten off opioids twice but my pain has increased over the years and so I decided to go back to my old pain doctor and gave in to a strict plan of Oxycodone twice a day. One at night and one if needed during the day as I could never increase my dosage without approval of my doctor. After doing this the first months I lost 15 lbs and ate like a pig along with a new energy that I couldn't believe. I actually didn't need daytime naps and stayed awake until 10 or 11:00 at night along with no more stomach issues or constipation. I was back finally to a normal life it all I can say is that there's a time and a place for opioids and unless you get control of it it will never work because your addiction will take over and the more the take the more is less effective. It just shows how important sleep is to all of us it has to be normal sleep as well as deep. No more injections and surgery and putting stimulator in my body was not what I wanted to happen. I hope this helps some people need some answers as I suffered for years with pain and now I have somewhat control as long as you stay on a strict plan.

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It's my great honor to be the first on Connect to wish you a very Happy Birthday (yesterday). I am very glad to hear you have a strict plan now for your meds and that it is working. That is amazing and wonderful as is your experience of newfound energy, and your weight loss. It feels good to lose unneeded weight! Also, I agree wholeheartedly about the importance of sleep. I thank The Lord I have always been blessed as a deep sleeper. Wish I could say the same for my wife.

My very best to you sir. Hank

@donfeld Happy birthday mine is today

@donfeld sharing your success story gives members hope. You'll notice that I moved your post to this earlier discussion that you started about night pain. I did this to keep the discussions about night pain and members talking about it in one place.

You said that you, "went back" to your old pain doctor. I assume the first time you went to the pain doctor you were not able to control your pain.

What was different the second time around?

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