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Feeling full 10 year old

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They put a radioactive tracer in the food, but maybe they don't have enough data on 10 year olds. They need the patient to eat the entire meal in 10 minutes… That was very difficult for me..After you eat the do like an x-ray…then every hour after that for three or four hours.

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Thank you Ken! I am wondering if this test is only available at Mayo? I am worried about my daughter, she is not able to eat much on her own, she threw up after they added supplement called 'resource', they think she is throwing up on purpose. She has lots of discomfort, acid reflux, abdominal pain, nauseated. It's hard to see her struggle and not knowing what's going on. Really hard for the parents.

Just did this test about 6 weeks ago at Mayo Phx. You go in, eat an egg sandwich with a carton of milk within 10 minutes. They have you stand in between this machine where you can see the radioactive stuff lighting up in the stomach. You leave, wait for a period of time , then they x ray you again, seeing how much is traveling out of your stomach. You have to report if you have had a bowel movement. This continues on and I got a voucher for lunch and had to go eat something. It was tough to go swallow stuff. I was x rayed after lunch and then went home. I could not eat anything else the rest of the day. Had to go back early the next morning where they did one last x ray.
Saw Dr 2 weeks later, gastroparesis diagnosis.
Even the eggs were in my stomach 6 hours later. Saw dietician, recommended low residue diet and several meals per day versus 3.
One small meal works for me with drinking Boost Breeze to get my protein and calories